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CA Final Special Audit Drone Charts 5.0 by CA Sarthak Jain

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  • CA Final Special Audit Drone Charts 5.0 by CA Sarthak Jain for new syllabus. These books are beneficial for Nov 21 and onward attempts

    • Full Topic Summarised - Enough for Exams -Scientifically Designed & Beautifully Crafted
    • These are not just summary charts but covers all concepts in pictorial charts for easy understanding and quick last day revision.
    • Now it will be difficult for anyone to leave Special Audits Drone charts version 4 in CA Final Audit. 4 Colour, High Quality Art Paper, Exceptionally Designed Path-breaking book on Special Audit covering all the amendments
    • Questions of last 20 attempts and following topics of Old and New Course in NEW DRONE CHARTS available for SALE FOR LIMITED TIME ONLY.
    • Covers all other Chapters of CA Final Audit - PSU, NBFC, Peer Review & Quality Review, Investigation, Due Diligence & Forensic Audit, Internal, Management & Operational Audit, Liabilities of Auditors, Automated Environment, Audit under Fiscal Laws (Tax Audit,GST Audit, Public Trust Audit), Audit of Banks & Insurance Company, Audit Planning, Strategy & Execution, Risk Assessment & Internal Control
    • Author
      • CA Sarthak Jain
      • Digital Books- 1 Year
      • English
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      • Digital books are non-printable and can be viewed only on a laptop with the help of the content browser.
      • Digital books once activated on a laptop will not be transferred on any other laptop in any case.


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